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Brand: Froddo
Colour: Fuchsia
Name: Coper
Uppers: Leather

Classic girls fuchsia lace ankle boot brogue details. Leather upper, soft leather lining and leather insole make this shoe great choice for first walker. Rubber non-slippery sole will make the steps on any surface more secure. The shoe wraps around the ankles and ensures that the first steps are more secure and stable.

Regular medium fit.

Parents don't have fear of laces. It takes only a couple of extra seconds to tie the shoe. There is a claim out there that parents should buy velcro shoes for toddlers. The advantage of velcro shoes is that even very young children know how to fasten them. But if the child is still very little and active the laces might be better choice as children can take off velcro shoes just as easily as you've put them on.

Learning how to tie the laces will be a real challenge for your daughter, so this could become your little together adventure. We all like challenges, they make us better and stronger.

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