Barefoot W Laces

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Product Details
Brand: Froddo
Colour: Cognac
Name: Barefoot W Laces
Characteristic: Water Repellent
Uppers: Leather

Froddo Barefoot shoes are designed with the concept of barefoot walking in mind, aiming to provide a feeling of freedom and connection to the ground. Barefoot shoes enable natural strengthening of foot muscles, promoting overall bodily health and a well-functioning nervous system.


The Froddo Barefoot Shoes feature a minimalist design that allows for maximum flexibility and a lightweight feel. Crafted with high-quality materials, these shoes prioritize breathability and durability, ensuring a pleasant and enduring wearing experience. The wide toe box promotes natural toe splay, enhancing balance and stability while encouraging proper foot alignment.

Whether you're strolling through the city, exploring nature trails, or simply seeking everyday comfort, Froddo Barefoot Shoes aim to provide a stylish and health-conscious footwear option. Elevate your walking experience with these shoes that prioritize the well-being of your feet while keeping you in step with contemporary fashion.

Product Details:

Zero Drop Heel to Toe

Flexible Natural Rubber Soles

Wide Toe Box

Uppers: Terracare Water Resistant Leather & Eco-Friendly Natural Leather

Lining: Chrome Free Leather

Insole: Flat, Removable, Chrome Free Leather

Sole: Natural Flexible Rubber

Fitting Guide:

Medium, Wide

Works well for: Wide Feet and Average Feet

For the shoe length check sizing chart provided for this model.

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