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FRODDO shoes are the result of years of experience in designing and manufacturing children’s footwear.  With the help of orthopedic professionals on one side, and fashion designers on the other, the footwear that was created  is fun to wear and encourages healthy growth and development of children’s feet.



Make FRODDO your choice, because Froddo looks after your child’s feet and encourages healthy growth and development.



FRODDO shoes are fun,  stylish and comfortable, ready for all the fun adventures growing up can bring.



Paix, soft soles Froddo’s best-selling toddler walking shoes, designed to support your little one’s first steps with utmost comfort and stability. Crafted with a soft leather upper and lining, these shoes offer unparalleled coziness for tiny feet. The high cut design ensures secure ankles, aiding in stability during those crucial early steps.
Paix Unique Fit Paix includes an additional insole that can be easily removed to cater to wider feet, ensuring a perfect fit.

Sandals Collection

Froddo sandals soft leather cushioned footbeds or provide support and comfort for little feet. This is particularly important for children who may be active and on their feet for extended periods.

Leather is naturally breathable, allowing air to circulate around the foot, which can help prevent sweating and discomfort.

Discover many Froddo Sandal styles in our webshop.

Barefoot Collection

Designed to mimic the feeling of walking barefoot, our Barefoot collection offer a unique blend of style and comfort. 


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