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FRODDO shoes are the result of years of experience in designing and manufacturing children’s footwear.  With the help of orthopedic professionals on one side, and fashion designers on the other, the footwear that was created  is fun to wear and encourages healthy growth and development of children’s feet.



Make FRODDO your choice, because Froddo looks after your child’s feet and encourages healthy growth and development.



FRODDO shoes are fun,  stylish and comfortable, ready for all the fun adventures growing up can bring.


Wooly Slippers

Made of felted natural wool, 50% new and 50% recycled materials and rubber outsole will keep the toes nice and warm in cold Canadian winter. 

Wool’s ability to absorb and release moisture from the air makes it one of the most breathable and therefore comfortable materials available.

Waterproof Collection

Froddo has created a special TEX line for unforgettable winter adventures. The waterproof and vapor- permeable TEX membrane layer is located between the upper material and the inner lining. Waterproof properties prevent water and snow from entering the shoe, while the vapor-permeable layer absorbs moisture from the inside, providing the feet with an optimal climate that is both dry and breathable. Thanks to TEX properties, children’s feet can remain dry and warm in all weather conditions.

Barefoot Collection

Designed to mimic the feeling of walking barefoot, our Barefoot collection offer a unique blend of style and comfort. 


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